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Production and projection of sewage treatment plants (STPs), water system and ecological equipment (whole plastic products or products with concrete containers)

  STPs for communal waste water of series BIOFLOW 1 - 50 EO   STPs for agriculture plants   Emissions separators, suction fume cupboards, cyclone separators, ventilation equipment
  STPs for communal waste water of series BIOFLOW 50 PE - 2000 EO   Intensification and modernization of existing sewage devices   Separators of oil products KOP 1 200
  STPs for industrial waste water (discontinual and continual)   Accumulation tanks, septic tanks, sumps   Separators of fats OTK 1-10
  STPs for chemical plants   Containers for transport and storage of dangerous materials, vats for emergency situations   Filtration units
  STPs for textile plants and laundries   Atypical tanks, silos, water reservoirs /2-200m3/   Lamellar and cyclone separators
  STPs for food plants   Water - metering and inspection shafts, filling stations   Galvanization lines, neutralization stations


Production and assemblies of technological attachments and plants from plastic materials for sewage treatment plants

  Filling stations   Floation and flocculation plants and systems   Dividing objects
  Mechanical and scraping thrash racks   Dissolving and diluting tanks including agitators and dosing   Devices for intensification of purification process
  Vertical and horizontal sand traps   Aeration devices, air-lift pumps, agitators   Sand filters
  Lamellar separators   Thermoboxes for measuring equipment of waste water passage   Cabins for technical and hygienic equipment of STPs
  Concentration and sedimentation sludge tanks   Engine rooms for blowers with a noise - prevention barrier    



Plastic products for engineering and chemical industry 

  Sewage treatment plants for engineering and chemical operations   Separators and flow filters   Sewerage systems equipped with grids including drain piping
  Separators of oil products and fats   Cooling circuits   Neutralization stations
  Working desks for technological lines   Systems for purification and recyklation of liquids dilutable with water (EGS)   Plastic wall and floor siding (PE, PP material)
  Suscion fume cupboards including ventilation piping   Vats into galvanization lines   Special transport pallets
  Separators of emissions   Reservoirs and storage tanks including breakdown vats   Cabinets for storage of chemical compounds
  Atypical pallets for metallic products   Distributing main (PE, PP material)   Lamellar and cyclone separators



Plastic products for farmers, fishermen and small - scale breeders 

  Sewage treatment plants   Accumulation tanks, sumps   Filtration plants
  Separators of oil products and fats   Plastic wall siding (PE, PP material)   Pails-sluice gates and culvers
  Stalls for rearing of calves   Composting boxes, plant pots, equipment for hydroponics   Car boxes for transport of animals
  Ventilation manholes standard and with thermal insulation including reverse flap   Garden ponds, vivariums   Cots for small domestic animals
  Ventilation equipment, air - conditioning   Pools   Feed - troughs and water pumps for drinking of animals
  Drains with grating   Equipment for fish - fry rearing farms, fish farms and fish hatcheries   Shower boxes and washing vats
  Feeding runners, water self-feeders water pumps for drinking of animals   Transport thermoboxes and tanks   Cabinets for disposal of chemicals and detergents
  Wading disinfecting vats   Vats, tubs, chutes    
  Boxes for rendering plants   Aeration systems    





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